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BISMARCK – The strength and influence of North Dakota’s dominant industry is reflected in the newest edition of North Dakota Agriculture.

“North Dakota’s number one rank in the production of 14 commodities demonstrates the size, vitality and diversity of the state’s agricultural industries," Agriculture Commissioner Roger Johnson said Wednesday, as he unveiled North Dakota Agriculture 2009. “Our farmers and ranchers have again shown why they make up the most important part of our state’s economy."

North Dakota leads the U.S. in the production of:

  1. flax (96 percent)
  2. canola (90 percent)
  3. pinto beans (65 percent)
  4. dry edible peas (64 percent)
  5. durum (50 percent)
  6. navy beans 46 percent)
  7. spring wheat (45 percent)
  8. all sunflowers (44 percent)
  9. oil sunflowers (44 percent)
  10. confectionary sunflowers (42 percent)
  11. all dry edible beans (39 percent)
  12. barley (36 percent)
  13. lentils (35 percent)
  14. honey (22 percent)

The state ranks second in the production of all wheat and sugarbeets.

“We release the North Dakota Agriculture publication every year during National Agriculture Week," Johnson said. “It reminds us of the importance of farming, ranching and agribusiness, especially in North Dakota."

The full color pamphlet, sponsored by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA), the North Dakota office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service and the North Dakota Farmers Union, contains interesting and fun facts about North Dakota’s leading industry. Produced by NDDA staff members Patrice Lahlum and Sara Kelsch, the brochure includes North Dakota’s top agricultural commodities and agricultural exports, the state’s ranking in 17 commodities, a summary of where the food dollar goes, a listing of agricultural exports and features on renewable energy.

The publication is illustrated with numerous photographs, many of them from the 2009 North Dakota Department of Agriculture Photo Contest.

"This is an exciting time for North Dakota agriculture as renewable fuel production continues to grow in our state," said Kayla Pulvermacher of the North Dakota Farmers Union. "With the kind of commodity production we have, North Dakota can be the leader in powering America through renewable energy."

“This publication highlights the productivity of North Dakota farmers and ranchers," said State Statistician Darin Jantzi, Fargo. “It provides the quick facts North Dakota citizens need to know about the major contribution agriculture makes to the state's economy."

Copies of “North Dakota Agriculture 2009" are available from the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, 600 E. Boulevard Ave., Dept. 602, Bismarck, ND  58505-0020; ndda@nd.gov. The brochure can also be viewed at and downloaded from the DDA web site, www.agdepartment.com..

The original article was available at http://www.agdepartment.com/2009Press/other090318.htm on September 24, 2009.